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City Email enables you to concentrate on what matters most.. Your business. Email is getting ever more complex to manage, and Spam harder to control. Why should you worry about these things, when you have a lot important things to worry about. You now can outsource your Email to one of the most trusted names in Email Services, and get the power of 'MagicMail' technology behind you to provide the Best in Email services, and built-in Anti-Spam technology, without having to manage or operate the technology yourselves.

As an Enterprise company, managing email inhouse is a burden, whether from a financial or technical perspective, or in today's competitve job market, keeping the right staff, or having the staff keep up with the ever changing requirements to deal with the increasing difficulty surrounding email, outsourcing to the Email experts at City Email may be the way to go.

With over 10 years of handling email services for ISP's and Telco's we understand the business, and millions of ISP and Telco subscribers are already using the 'MagicMail' technology that City Email runs on. ISP's throughout North America have nothing but good things to say about our company, our Anti-Spam technology, our technical team, and our mail server products, and now you can get the same results in a hosted email model. Either visit our main information site, at City Email Information or just pick up the phone and talk to one of our sales representatives.

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